Beatles vs Stones: the Greatest Show that Never Was!


The Greatest Show that Never Was!

In February of 1964, a very special performance took place in New York City that changed the world of entertainment as well as the lives of millions of people forever. The British Invasion was underway, and the music that resulted from it became the soundtrack to the lives of people all over the world; with The Beatles and the Rolling Stones being at the forefront of it all!

Fans of “Beatles vs Stones: the Greatest Show that Never Was!” rave that these are the songs that were playing in the background when they went away to college, when they had their first date with the love of their lives, when they went away to (and returned from) the war, and so many other pivotal and memorable occasions.

Featuring the most thrilling battle-of-the-bands that could ever be, BEATLES vs STONES goes toe-to-toe with the biggest hits from the two greatest musical groups of all time! Who will win? Perhaps the black-suited Beatle-band Sgt. Pepper performing the songs that captivated the world on the Ed Sullivan Show? Other fans certainly might vote for the Sgt. Pepper-clad band performing “A Day In The Life”.

Or will it be Stones band Jumping Jack Flash, resplendent in their 60’s mod finery performing the song of the same name? Who will win? The audience wins as BEATLES vs STONES takes them back in time to re-live the greatest musical moments of their lives!

Fans of the show love the ever-changing wardrobes and humorous on-stage dialogue as the two bands make good-natured jokes at the expense of the other. But it’s the finale that has audiences on their feet cheering, clapping, and singing along as they witness a “mash-up” of hit songs from both catalogues. It’s a theater experience that you will never forget!

BvS Reviews...

"If you missed the Beatles and The Rolling Stones live, here is your second chance!"
- San Clemente Times
"The show was incredible. I don't say that often. Our audience went nuts. Mick Jagger was unreal; his energy was off the chart and the crowd responded to him enormously. Fantastic performance by all of them."
- Executive Director, Venice PAC (Venice, FL)
“JJF blew the doors off the fab four….They brought the crowd of 6000 to their feet by playing the music…Not doing a Vegas act! Rock on Keith! Great SHOW!"
- CoolTools

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